8 Steps To Building a New Custom Designed Home

Not every new custom home building experience is the same and most will vary however these are basically the eight steps that will prove consistent throughout any new build in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia

The duration of how long a new build generally takes depends on a combination of factors including the responsiveness of communication between the buyer and the builder, the speed at which the developer of the land or estate provides the covenant approval, and just how quickly the council or building certifier supplies the development approval.

At Toby Drew Homes, We pride ourselves on our punctuality and professionalism.

Step 1 - Deciding on the block you would like to buy.

At Toby Drew Homes we offer a free site inspection report after assessing the block you have bought or are intending on buying. This is an integral step in our custom home build process as it helps to determine the best practices for the home design to ensure it will fit and essentially work on the property you have or are looking to purchase.

Completing the site inspection, allows us to discover any issues that may need to be considered and discussed prior to building the custom-designed home. for instance, we may need to consider the slope of the land, and whether a large site cut would be required.

or further hidden costs such as old septic tanks (should this be a knockdown and rebuild) or simply issues with access to services.


Step 2 - Purchase the land and get a Preliminary Estimate.

When you have found the block of land that you would like to build your new home on and have committed to the purchase, Toby Drew Homes will be able to provide you with a Preliminary Estimate to build your specifically designed home on that particular site.

Subject to your requirements the estimate may or may not include particular items such as Blinds, landscaping, driveways, floor coverings, clothesline, antennae, or fiber to the home.

We emphasize the importance of the design being orientated to ensure energy efficiency and to maximize natural breezes and views. Toby Drew Homes currently builds to 6-star + energy ratings on all builds.


Step 3 - Completion of Custom Home Design Order Form.

Once you have completed the purchase of your land, Toby Drew Homes can begin preliminary services. There is a Preliminary Service Fee which is payable prior to the service being conducted. The service fee will be used to order the required soil test, contour survey which illustrates the elevation differences across your land, and will also be put toward the initial set of designs for your home. NOTE: The preliminary service fee will be credited to your initial deposit should you proceed with a building contract.


Step 4 - Finalise Your Custom Home Design

Toby Drew Homes will finalise your new custom home design. Once the contour survey and the soil test have been received Toby drew homes will be able to provide you with a final price for the new home.

This price then forms the basis of the contract between Toby Drew Homes and the Client.


Step 5 - Contract Preparation

Upon the agreement to proceed with the home design Toby Drew Homes will prepare a building contract and a 5% deposit of the build price will then be required upon signing the contract.


Step 6 - Building Approvals

Subject to the developer of the estate you may need to receive covenant approval however in many instances this is not a requirement. Should you require the covenant approval Toby Drew Homes will prepare and submit the required applications for building approval and DA approval only once the covenant approval has been received. Following submissions of all applications, Toby Drew Homes will begin scheduling all contractors and will finalise all purchase orders for suppliers.


Step 7 - Commencement of Construction

Once proof of land title, land registration, and site possession has been received and provided with the final written finance approval, Toby Drew Homes will commence on site in accordance with the building contract.


Step 8 - Completion of Construction

Finally, construction on your new custom home build commences, there are multiple stages through the journey of the build from initial site works to framing, cladding, roofing, and all internal requirements. Throughout the process, Toby Drew Homes welcomes our clients to arrange a time to inspect the build and to ask any questions they may have. Once the construction is completed with handover and any maintenance items addressed you will receive the keys to your brand new custom-designed home. It is now time to sit back have a glass of bubbly and enjoy your home.


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